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Children’s Bible Quizzing is a fun and exciting ministry designed to encourage children in the 1st though 6th grades to study God’s Word. Here, you can find out what Children’s Bible Quizzing is all about. There is a schedule of our quiz meets for the 2014-2015 season. You can also find helpful quizzing resources and links to other ministry-related websites. Contact information is provided should you have any comments, questions, or would like more information. Feel free to browse … and thanks for visiting!

This year we are studying the Exodus!

What Kids will discover throughout this year:

  • Students will Follow the Leader into the book of Exodus the second book of the Bible. The adventures will reveal God’s plan for The Great Escape.
  • The Israelites became God’s chosen people in Exodus.
  • Exodus shows us the great love and compassion of God, as well as His holiness.
  • We Follow the Leader, God, to the edge of the land God promised to the Israelites, but the story will continue.
  • He taught the Israelites how they could know Him, and He even had a Tabernacle built so He could dwell among them.
  • He gave them many things to survive, but they had no land to call their own.
  • Students will learn that God always keeps His promises. 

Remember that Children’s Quizzing is, first and foremost, a valuable Bible study program for children. The information and truths children learn as they study God’s Word provide a solid foundation for a life. Quizzing competition adds an extra measure of excitement, but it is not essential to a successful program. I pray that your children will learn to love and study the Bible, applying its truths to their lives.

Journey with us into Exodus!

If you are interested in Children’s Quizzing, contact…

Pastor Karola Sikes
SWOK District Children’s Quizzing Director