The philosophy of Children’s Quizzing is Bible study. We believe it is important to help children know what the Bible says and help them demonstrate Biblical teachings in actual life situations. The goal of Children’s quizzing is for children to know the God of the Bible.

The purposes of Children’s Quizzing and competition are to help children:
• Discover how to study the Bible.
• Desire to study the Bible.
• Grow in understanding of the overall chronology of the Bible.
• Learn that God is the central character and Hero of the Bible.
• Gain increased understanding of God as He is revealed in each study.
• Understand how people in the Bible interacted with God, and know how people today may do so also.
• Enjoy quizzing competition.
• Grow in the ability to reflect Christian attitudes and behaviors during competition.

Bible Quizzing this Year
Dr. Digalot, a “world famous archeologist” and his sidekick, Canteen the Camel, once again introduce children to a fun way of studying the Bible as they lead children through a series of 20 lessons designed to help children learn basic Bible study methods, memorize scripture, and understand the Book of Acts. In Acts children learn how the “good news” of salvation through Jesus Christ comes to the twenty-first century. Jesus ascends to heaven, and the Holy Spirit is sent to help the Church. The gospel is being preached to the Gentiles, missionary work begins, and the message of God’s love transforms both Jew and Gentile. Children learn the direct connection between the efforts of the Apostle Paul, Peter, and others to their lives today.

Our kids that are competing in red level will learn 8 memory verses throughout the year while the blue level kids will learn all 20. The memory verses for the red level kids are posted on this site.

Throughout the year, there will be quiz meets where children from across the Southwest District will gather together to meet new friends, participate in friendly competition, and enjoy food and fellowship. At the first quiz meet, children will receive their “Children’s Quizzing” passport. The children then can collect stamps at each quiz meet plus all their achievements throughout the quiz year will be recorded in their passport. The quizzing season culminates in a final district-wide quiz meet held on March 29th where the individual quizzers can earn an opportunity to compete at the Regional Quiz which is usually held in June.

* Quiz meet locations will be updated on the schedule page as the information becomes available.