Q2022 Website: http://www.quizzingevents.com/

What is Q:  Q is a week-long quiz held at a Nazarene University every two years where quizzers can compete on multiple levels.  There are service projects, worship services, and other fun activities.  Of course, the majority of the time is spent quizzing.  This is a summer camp for quizzers. 

Where: Mount Vernon Nazarene University

When: June 27 – July 2

District Requirements: The district will be offering scholarships to those who want to attend Q2020. Becuase we will be using district funds, those who wish to quiz in the district team at Q2022 need to meet the following requirements:

  • Commit to attending Q2022 by the November Quiz
  • Complete one of the following:
    • Memorize 20 memory verses (10 by the November quiz)
    • Memorize a chapter that is at leas 20 verses long (half done by the November Quiz)
    • Finish in the top 3 of 75% of quizzes attended

Local teams can register independently of the district and bring any quizzers who wish to quiz in the local division.

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